Emma Starmore Smith

Here’s a recent shot of Emma Starmore Smith from a recent shoot. This shot of Emma Starmore Smith was taken in Rhyl and a studio. The original brief had a number of elements to it, the first being a beauty shoot using the classic clamshell setup. We also threw a background light in to get Emma Starmore Smith’s hair highlighted at the edges which worked really well.

There’s some more info on Emma Starmore Smith’s shoot on this blog post which you can find here.

Emma Starmore Smith Video

Here’s a video of the studio we used for the shoot with Emma Starmore Smith. This was at the start so not all set up. We used a couple of locations with the shoot being in several parts. The second element was based at the table.

Emma Starmore Smith Portrait Image

The original image of Emma Starmore Smith was taken in portrait, but as we used a black background it makes it very easy to simply enlarge the canvas size behind Emma and turn her portrait into a landscape picture. Landscape pictures lend themselves to beauty adverts, especially in conventional media.

Image of Emma Starmore Smith Portrait orientation with black background

Emma Starmore Smith Photoshoot

Here’s the setup we used for Emma Starmore Smith’s shoot. This section was the beauty section. In the video, above you can see the commercial part with did for Mitchells Laboratory Notebooks, which had a slightly simpler lighting solution. The camera I was trying out the Canon R5 for the first time. I’d not used a mirrorless camera of that pedigree before and to be honest it was amazing. The quality of the shots was very high. The lens, my 24-105 f4 series which I got with my 5d mkii, it’s so diverse and as you can fudge and depth of field in photoshop all you’re really worried about is how sharp the original image is. As you can see, the photo of Emma Starmore Smith is pin sharp and 50 mega pixels which leaves a lot of scope for editing. You can see more of Emma’s work on her own website here.

Emma Starmore Smith Photoshoot with photographer

Emma Starmore Smith in Liverpool

Here’s an example of a photo of Emma Starmore Smith taken in Bean Coffee, 20 Chapel Street in Liverpool. It’s contextually related to the coffee shop, though it doesn’t push the location in the face. Emma’s got a Bean flat white and if you’ve been there you can tell it’s the coffee shop. These contextual shots are perfect for social media, be it Instagram or as a shot for writing a blog post on drinking coffee after running. The possibilities are endless and allows social media managers to be really flexible with the content going out to the public.

emmastarmoresmith in Bean Coffee, Liverpool

What type of photography do you recommend?

The photos we take for you can be used for many things. From adding to blog posts on your website to brochures to social media posts and more. We focus on understanding your goals, taking the shots you need and helping you get them in the right place to have an impact.

What if I don’t have much of an online presence?

That’s okay. We can help you in every aspect of your online presence. From setting up your website and registering a domain to helping with creative direction and narrative on your first shoot. With over 20 years of experience, we can help you get your digital presence right and leave you to run your business. 

I hear your photos have got over 120,000,000 views on Google. Is This True?

Okay, so you probably didn’t ask that. But it’s still true. As of the start of 2022, we’ve had around 120 million views on Google of the images we’ve taken for local businesses. 7.2 million of those alone were of a bar in Liverpool. We know of our stuff.

120 Million views

How soon can you help?

We get a lot of enquiries and deal with clients all over the UK so there is a waiting list. But we will always do our best to accommodate what you need and when.

Great! How do we get started?

Simply do as Emma Starmore Smith did – get in touch via the contact form here (or you can contact us on Facebook). We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Emma Starmore Smith Commercial Photo Use Example

There are loads of ways you can use the images we take. Here’s an example of one which could either be used as an Instagram story or potentially as a Mid Page Unit (MPU) in more conventional advertising. You draw the user’s attention with a high-impact image, affirm the brand and then use the white space at the bottom to deliver your message.

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If you like the shots of Emma Starmore Smith above and would like to know how we can help build your online portfolio – get in touch using the form below. A professional shoot can cost a lot less than you think, and in the right circumstances, we might be able to do the shoot for free. If you’re thinking of making some serious cash and becoming an OnlyFans model check out our page here.

    Emma at Bean Coffee

    Emma Starmore Smith Commercial Example

    Here’s an example of how you could incorporate the above images of Emma Starmore Smith in a commercial context. This works well with the likes of an Instagram Story – which you can also save a highlight on the front page of Instagram. It combines images and text and some sound effects.