The first phase of picking a product or service for a potential customer is research. Clients will discuss with colleagues and friends to pull together trusted social proof – but they’ll also research online, looking at your website and companion information such as Google photos.

You can’t control what their friends say, but you can influence their online research by upping your digital estate with great photography and copy. While researching users will also check out the competition, if they have invested in their digital photography then you’ll already be at a disadvantage.

The Customer Buying Cycle

Below outlines the process mentioned above. It puts in context how you, as a business can control the information the potential customer has. And what better way than by using great imagery, fantastic copy and a fast website.

The customer buying cycle - awareness, consideration, intent, purchase and repurchase.

Using Experience to Get Results

With over 20 years of experience in commercial digital delivery, Experience Photography understands the importance of high quality, relevant photos, great copy and leveraging platforms such as Google to keep you one step ahead.

Having worked with a broad set of verticals from Liverpool Football Club to the Health Foundation.

The example below is taken from Google showing the number of views Bacaro had of a commercial photo I took in the restaurant. Yes, that’s 7.2 Million people have engaged with the company photography.

Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography – how many engagements have you got?

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