Oulton Park Supercar Pageant

The Oulton Park Supercar Pageant

Introduction to the Event

The Oulton Park Supercar Pageant was a spectacular event for car enthusiasts and photographers. Set in the picturesque Cheshire countryside, the event showcased a stunning array of high-performance vehicles, from Lamborghinis to Ferraris and Bentleys. Held on June 29, 2024, this year’s pageant delivered a day full of thrilling on-track action and captivating off-track displays.

On-Track Excitement

The highlight of the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant was the GT Cup Championship, featuring an impressive lineup of race-prepared supercars. Spectators enjoyed intense races from the Porsche Club Championship and the Porsche Boxster Cup, offering close competition and high-speed thrills. The Focus Cup Championship added to the excitement with its competitive races.

Off-Track Attractions

Beyond the racing, the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant offered numerous attractions for attendees. Car displays featuring rare and exotic models provided ample opportunities for photography enthusiasts. Additionally, vendor stalls and food trucks ensured a festive atmosphere, making the event enjoyable for families and individuals alike.

Photographic Opportunities

For photographers, the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant was a paradise. The combination of dynamic racing scenes and the static beauty of supercar displays allowed for a diverse range of photographic styles. The picturesque backdrop of Oulton Park added an extra dimension to the photos, making each shot unique and captivating.

Event Highlights

Key highlights of the event included the GT Cup Championship races, the variety of supercar displays, and the vibrant off-track activities. The well-organized event ensured that visitors had a memorable experience, with plenty of action both on and off the track. The event successfully brought together car enthusiasts and photographers, creating a perfect environment for capturing stunning images.

Detailed Timetable of the Event

The event kicked off with the gates opening at 08:00. The first action on track was the Boxster Cup Qualifying at 08:30, followed by a series of practice and qualifying sessions for various championships, including the GT Cup and Porsche Club Championship. The morning also featured a Supercar Collective Demo at 11:00.

The racing action truly began with the Boxster Cup Race 1 at 11:20, leading into the GT Cup Championship Race 2 at 12:00. A special supercar parade lap occurred during the lunch break at 12:55, providing a unique spectacle for attendees. Post-lunch, the event continued with more racing, including the Porsche Club Championship Race 3 at 14:05 and the Focus Cup Championship Race 4 at 14:45. The day concluded with several more races, ensuring non-stop excitement until the final race ended at 17:45.


The Oulton Park Supercar Pageant was an unforgettable experience, offering a perfect blend of thrilling races and stunning car displays. The detailed timetable ensured that visitors had an engaging and well-organized experience throughout the day. For more information on capturing such events or to book a photography session, contact Experience Photography today.

Jason Martin's Ferrari 812 Superfast at Oulton Park Supercar Pageant

FAQs About the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) from Experience Photography on the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant.

What off-track attractions were available at the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant?2024-07-03T15:35:24+00:00

The Oulton Park Supercar Pageant offered various off-track attractions, including rare car displays, vendor stalls, and food trucks, creating a festive atmosphere. These attractions provided excellent photo opportunities. Get in touch with Experience Photography to see the event highlights.

What was the highlight of the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant?2024-07-03T14:25:38+00:00

The highlight of the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant was the thrilling GT Cup Championship, featuring a lineup of high-performance supercars. The excitement of the races and the stunning displays made it a memorable event. Contact Experience Photography for exclusive photos and event details.

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