Mike Price / Callum MacLeod of Ram Racing in the Mercedes Benz AMG GT3

One of Ram Racings Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 driven by Mike Price and Callum MacLeod. This was taken at Oulton Park during the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant which also featured the GT Cup. Out of all the card racing that weekend the Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 run by Ram Racing was my favourite, mainly because it’s one of my favourite cars.

I was using the lens which came with the Canon, a 24 – 105mm f4. This is not the normal choice for sports photography, but I found with other lenses you’re so close to the action at Oulton Park that you end up zooming out. The f4 isn’t such an issue either as you’re trying to get some motion blur of the wheels and the background you’re regularly going into the smaller apparatuses. This one was f5 at 1/320 of a second (105mm).

You’ll need something a bit faster for motorbikes and to be fair as motorbikes are smaller a bigger zoom can be useful – but you then do have the issue of tracking them as they come in.

Oulton Park has changed the layout of this corner. It’s a lot more accessible than it was from memory in terms of the banking and the space for spectators which is a good thing.

Good luck to Mike Price and Callum MacLeod in the rest of the GT Cup and Ram Racing!

Video or Ram Racing

Here’s the briefest of videos of Ram Racing their Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 around Druids Corner at Oulton Park.