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Getting the right photographs for your business can make a massive difference in how people perceive your brand. Just think about how visually appealing anything on Facebook or Instagram is; no matter what text you’ve got in there, potential customers will look at the image and then make a decision on whether to read any additional information.

This photo shows how much technology has come on over the last 20 years. It was taken using an iPhone Pro using the portrait mode in Toast Coffee Shop in West Kirby, Wirral. But photography isn’t just about the first snap. Product photography fits into a much wider strategy eco-system. While random shots of random products may think you’re making progress because you’re “doing something” it’s a lot more efficient to plan out what you’re doing over a period of time.

A good start is to decide what your store’s objectives are. Greater engagement, seasonal promotion or specific product promition. Then look at what photos you’ll need to achieve these and plan them out. This particular product photograph in West Kirby could be used as a generic image when you’ve not had the chance to take a specific one, or it could be used to promote the larger flat white sizes Toast has to offer over its competitors.

Every photograph you take needs to have a reason (outcome) for its existence and you spending time on it.

If you’re based in West Kirby and want help with how your product photography can fit into a wider digital strategy, get in touch with Experience Photography now for more information.

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