UK Travel Photographer

If you’re a journalist or you’re writing content for a website or publication, it’s essential to have high-quality photographs. Why? No matter how good you are at writing, it’s human nature to be drawn to the pictures first. We’re a visually based creature and will look at pictures ahead of any text. They say in restaurants that the first bite is with the eye, and that’s the same for blog posts and content.

Why Use a UK Travel Photographer

With any content, you’re trying to tell a story. Be it one to sell a destination, product, or as PR. The relationship between the photos being taken and that narrative is essential. Using a UK-based Travel Photographer will make it easier to communicate the intent, so nothing is lost in translation.

Types of Travel Photography

We can work with any type of travel photography assignment. The main shot was taken on the Pub2Pub Eagles Nest Tour. It was of a mountain near a dam in Germany and was used to show the diverse landscape we crossed over. We make sure we’ve got a brief (aka the Discovery phase) to ensure we’ve got the right kit of the job. It could be wide angle, portrait or landscape shots are needed. Having a professional UK travel photographer will mean that the shots you need will be the shots you get.

Contact UK Travel Photographer

Use the contact box below now to get in touch. We can have an informal conversation about what you’re trying to achieve and work out a plan of action so the images complement the story you’re going to tell.