Liverpool Model Photographer

While it may no longer be a Unesco certified site, the Liverpool Waterfront is still an impressive expanse and great for photography. This shot with Angel was taken early evening as we were approaching Golden Hour; the natural light is unique, though it's worth trying to get pictures when it's a little cloudy. I

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DSLR Sensor Cleaning

Photography is all about telling a story, a narrative that connects the image to the subject matter. Anything which interferes with this distracts from the message; this includes unwanted photographic blemishes. It's always worth noting no matter what you spend on a camera, it will need looking after, and while prevention is better than

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Photographer Near Me

If you're looking for a local photographer for a commercial, corporate or model portfolio shoot we can help. Your digital estate needs to be kept fresh and up to date. Experience Photography can help get your shots just right, either working with an existing/incumbent creative or going solo. The photo was taken for

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