Great photoshoot at Splash Point Photo Studio with Beth. Managed to get through a lot of shots in the main studio and some festive ones with the Xmas tree too. Looking forward to the post-shoot editing.

You’ve heard the term, “like a kid in a candy store”, that’s how I’d describe any photographer walking into the unassuming-looking bungalow which gazes out to the Irish Sea in Rhyl.

Don’t be fooled, though, by first appearances; Splash Point Photo has an incredible range of equipment along with numerous places to shoot – these include the ‘normal’ (it’s anything but typical) studio space, a pool, mini gym, boudoir and impressive reception hall.

The biggest problem you’ll have is planning your time and using it wisely.

Russ is also a gentleman, offering help and advice (and coffee) and being discrete and respectful at all times. You’d be a fool not to ask him for suggestions, though, given the exponential number of options you’ve got at Splash Point Photo.

There’s a lot of on-road parking, and the cost is reasonable, so unlike Manchester or London shoots, a large part of the budget doesn’t get swallowed up in parking costs.

Russ’s pre-comms are also on point – getting back to questions quickly and supplying all the info you need to plan your shoot and make the most of the impressive setup.