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Somefin Fishy Blue German Ram

A Blue German Ram from Somefin Fishy. These colourful tropical freshwater fish are highly photogenic, with their iridescent blue patches and friendly behaviour. Good photographs of your team, service and product are a must for social media, blog posts and website content. Contact Experience Photography today to learn how we can bring your digital

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Back to Bokeh

If you're looking for abstract images to use in creative media, few techniques beat the effect of bokeh. Defined briefly as "the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens", bokeh is the go-to result of certain lighting conditions with the right lens.

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Kraken Aquacare

Here's a black and white shot of Mike from Kraken Aquacare fixing a filtration fault in a tropical freshwater tank setup. It's great to work with and shoot local, hardworking businessmen doing their trade. This was taken using a Canon 5d Mkii with a 50mm prime. Kraken Aquacare was set up a number of

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