Merfyn Hughes Memorial Rali Llŷn

Another weekend and another chance to get out and experiment with some photography. Here is was the Merfyn Hughes Memorial Rali Llŷn 2022 which took place on the 19th and 20th of March 2022. The location was the Llŷn peninsula in North Wales. A beautiful place, and once which is a good 2 hours from the Wirral – luckily the powers that be built a nice new bypass at Caernarfon, which made the journey a lot less of a hassle.

My checkpoint was in the middle of nowhere, and after the iPhone Satnav got me lost I finally found the place. If you’ve not read it have a look at the Rally Marshalling Guide here to find out more about what’s involved.

The basic setup is the cars come into the checkpoint and I sign the form and off they pop again. The biggest issue taking any photography is the complete lack of ambient light coupled with the very bright lights of the car. The camera goes from a state of utter darkness to lots of light – something it can’t cope with.

To get around this for the shot of the Merfyn Hughes Memorial Rali Llŷn 2022 I used a composite technique. Taking a number of shots and then modifying them in Photoshop. I also had to tweak the end photo a little as the GoPro has a tendency to distort the picture quite a lot.

Merfyn Hughes Memorial Rali Llŷn Photo

As a test the shot went well. What would I do different next time? I think I’d like to try it with a DSLR and get a much higher resolution and a little more control over the shots. I used the app for the GoPro and there’s a bit of a delay in taking the pictures so it was hit and miss which cars got their photograph taken. I think the light trails work well and I just love the glowing disk brakes.

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