The Sail Loft West Kirby

The sail loft West Kirby or the Sail Loft Coastal Kitchen as it’s more formally known as is a cafe/restaurant based on the Marine Lake in West Kirby. The location used to be a public lookout area over the lake which was nice, but underused. I went to the Sail Loft Coastal Kitchen one Sunday afternoon to see how the lighting came in as it’s right on the edge of the Wirral looking out over the River Dee. Coastal lighting during golden hour is famous for being some of the best natural light (it’s why a lot of artists reside in Cornwall).

The Sail Loft Image Corrections

The image I took with the iPhone came out pretty good, to be honest, but it did need some post-production work. Within part of the building, the Sail Loft Coastal Kitchen has got some long, thin, vertical windows that do let the light in nicely and allow diners to people watch. But the issue with wide-angle lenses is they tend to distort straight lines, especially at the periphery. This isn’t always obvious to the photographer until you’ve corrected the issue in Photoshop.

There was also some window reflections and aberrations I wanted to remove. Again not obvious to a customer in the Sail Loft, but when you’re editing a picture it’s best to have a go.

As I was shooting into the sun, some of the skies were overexposed at the back of the photo so I added in some blue there. Luckily the architecture of the original building is lots of straight lines which made it easier. There was also some randomly placed bits and pieces on the tables which I didn’t want cluttering up the shot, so these got removed too.

Original Image in The Sail Loft Coastal Kitchen

The Sail Loft West Kirby

The above image is the original one I took inside the Sail Loft Coastal Kitchen and I’ve highlighted the areas which I corrected:

  1. Hand gel on the table.
  2. Light reflection
  3. Blow out in the back window
  4. Menu left on table
  5. Lens correction of window (and something outside the window).

Conclusion for The Sail Loft West Kirby Photograph

I was happy with the end photo of the Sail Loft Coastal Kitchen. It showed a well lit, relaxing place to have a drink or a bite to eat, with great views and rich light.

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