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Getting photos at the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant was really good fun with a little bit of a challenge thrown in. As with all outdoor events, you’re at the mercy of the weather and the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant was no different. I think I and the rest of the people there were expecting an overcast day but got 25 degree sunshine. I love sunshine, but it does pose some serious issues with photographing cars. Their shiny paint makes for all sorts of reflections and can fool the camera’s sensor into thinking it’s lighter than it is.

The other big challenge with these events is people wandering about. You’ll set up ready for a shot, and then someone will absent mindedly wander in front of you and then start getting something out of their bag completely unaware of their surroundings or what other people are doing. In situations like this (which happened a lot at the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant) you just need to be patient. It can get hard after it’s happened five or six times, but as Boris said, “then’s the breaks”.

I got a good selection of photos at the Oulton Park Supercar Pageant as there was a lot going on. There was a great turnout on the Ferrari and Porche front. A number of other exotics also turned up including McLaren, Mercedes AMG and TVRs.

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